Sponsor Briefing

Sponsors for international military student (IMS) class of 2022-23 are invited to attend the sponsor briefing starting at 5:00 PM June 6th, 2022. Members/sponsors, new and otherwise, as well as prospective members/sponsors are invited to attend. There will be important information presented by the Fort and the GKCPTP chapter. We will provide sponsor packets (sponsor assignments from other organizations, sponsor guides, culture grams, etc.) at the orientation. The session is intended not only for new and current sponsors, but is also for any chapter member or guest who has an interest in the program. We especially welcome experienced sponsors because we count on them to be a resource to help “show new sponsors the ropes,” so that they may become more quickly acclimated to the program.

Video of 2022 Zoom Meeting of Sponsor Orientation

PDF of 2022 International Military Student Division Presentation

PDF of GKCPTP Sponsor Orientation Slides

Video of 2022 International Military Student Division Presentation