Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leading citizen diplomacy force that promotes understanding, goodwill, and friendship among the citizens of Greater Kansas City, the United States, and peoples of other countries and diverse cultures. We further strive to become recognized as the premier People To People International chapter.

Our Mission

Our mission, as citizen ambassadors, is to promote international understanding and friendship through educational, humanitarian, and cultural activities involving a broad range of direct contacts, exchange of ideas and experi­ences among the people of Greater Kansas City and peoples of different countries and diverse cultures that will help to build an enduring world peace.

Our Fundamental Beliefs:

  1. We believe that universal values and aspirations are revealed through greater understanding and respect between individuals and peoples and that if people can better understand other cultures they are more tolerant and accepting of differences.
  2. We believe international educational and cultural ex­changes among people, especially among youth, further ensure long-term friendship and understanding and contribute to peace.
  3. We believe that individual citizen ambassadors can make a difference; that they can often be more effective than governments in promoting human relationships and building world peace.
  4. We believe that direct contacts and exchanges among individuals of differing cultures not only help build peace through understanding and tolerance, but are also fun and enriching.
  5. We believe that humanitarian assistance to peoples of other countries, and those of other countries that come to the U.S., also helps contribute to building peace.
  6. We value a culturally diverse membership in the Greater Kansas City People To People Chapter.
  7. We value transparency in Chapter operations, integrity and honesty in our dealings with members and others.