People to People Sponsor Access Procedures for Fort Leavenworth

Renew/Acquire Card in February for Base Access (Sponsoring Members)

February is the month that most LAC cards expire, and must be renewed in order to retain access to the Fort. Local Access Cards (LACs) are your way onto Fort Leavenworth for events and officer visits (should your officer live on post). They provide both the Fort and our members a measure of security, albeit with a degree of inconvenience in the initial application and retrieval of the card(s) in person. We appreciate that our sponsors understand the need for security at U.S. military bases. 

Order of the "LAC Process"
Please note the order, or sequence of events occurring when applying for and receiving your local area access card (LAC).

  1. Fill out LAC application form (you complete the "applicant" part only). NOTE: This is a new version of the form. Please do not use a previous version. IMSD requires the form be completed electronically (do not handwrite). Remember to not sign or date the form, stop after the Criminal History section.
  2. Send the completed LAC forms to Pat Burnett ( or Sharon Valášek ( by email or U.S. mail.
  3. Pat or Sharon will acknowledge receipt and will email the completed LAC to IMSD.
  4. Pat or Sharon will contact sponsor(s) when we have been notified by IMSD that the application is ready. Do not call the Visitor Control Center (VCC) before you receive notification from Pat or Sharon that your application is ready for pick up. Calling the VCC before being notified by Pat or Sharon can cause confusion (VCC may say they don’t have the application when, in fact, it is with someone else (e.g., IMSD) integral to the process. When VCC says they don’t have it, it causes sponsors to believe their application hasn’t been submitted).
  5. Once notified by Pat or Sharon that the LAC is ready for pick up, call the VCC. (Before sponsors drive to Fort Leavenworth have them call the VCC at 913-684-3600 to make sure the system that issues the pass is working. If sponsors have any problems while there, call Sean Madsen’s mobile phone at 714-809-4633.)  NOTE: The VCC is open Monday – Friday, 7:00 – 4:00. There are no weekend hours at this time.
  6. Pick up pass within 30 days of approval date. (Approved applications are valid for and must be picked up within 30 days, otherwise the process starts over -- requiring a new app to be submitted). A rule introduced in 2018 from the VCC states that sponsors are allowed to apply only 3 times, so please don't let your approval expire. 

Note: If you're not accustomed to using a fillable PDF form, you might find this link helpful: "How to Fill Out an Attached PDF & Email Back."