Deanna Rose Farmstead

Future events may be scheduled after
the COVID 19 crisis.

The Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead, established in 1978, was designed to depict a 1900s Kansas farm.  This beautiful park provides a fun, safe and educational environment that cultivates an appreciation of farm life, wildlife and Kansas heritage.

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The event offers Ice cream, snacks, fun and a chance to spend the afternoon with your international military student (and family) if you are a sponsor or a chance to meet the students and other chapter members if you are not. It is also a great event to invite prospective members so they can get a first-hand feel of the fun they’re missing (unless they join!). 

Deanna Rose Farmstead Memories

The sky could not have been bluer, the air could not have been fresher, the families could not have been more ... international. And so, it must have been the Deanna Rose Farmstead in Overland Park, Kansas. Approximately 300 people (international military students, their families and their sponsors – both GKCPTP and those from Leavenworth/Lansing and the Fort Leavenworth) gathered to share an all-American meal and explore the grounds of this 1900's era farm.  We know that fishing and eating ice cream at the general store and ice cream parlor were a huge hit again this year. Member Kim Nitz and her enthusiastic children organized free popular arts and crafts area so all the children could color their own animal masks.

Kim heard one of the Deanna Rose Farmstead's volunteers say that "he felt like he had been around the world today without ever getting on a plane". We think that was the best summary of the fun that everyone had this gorgeous autumn afternoon! I personally want to thank all members who not only attended, but who helped us warmly welcome our new friends from all over the world. We look forward to seeing everyone again in future years!

Submitted by Jane Kohl-­Waggoner