2019 Annual Meeting

Sunday, February 24, 2019, 1:00 p.m.
Park University
8700 NW River Park Drive
Parkville, MO

  • The meeting was called to order by GKCPTP President Randy Pace at 1:08 PM. Fifty-seven Greater Kansas City People to People members were in attendance.
  • The minutes of the Annual Meeting of March 11, 2018 were presented and reviewed. A motion to approve the minutes was made and seconded. The report on the minutes of the past 2018 Annual Meeting was unanimously approved.
  • The Financial Report for 2018 was presented by the Treasurer, Charles Jaspar. The report included a summary of the Bi-Annual Financial Review for 2017-18 conducted by a committee made up of board and GKCPTP members led by Jeff Muchow. A motion was made and seconded to approve the Financial Report. The report was unanimously approved by the members.
  • Karen Haber passed out ballots, for the new officers and the board of directors, to any members who had not previously turned in their ballots.
  • A brief Membership report was given by Randy Pace. Our membership currently consists of 160 families.
  • Sharon Valasek gave the Military Committee report. Members were reminded that LAC cards are due to be renewed in February. There are 120 students scheduled for the upcoming 2020 class. The 2020 class Sponsor Briefing is scheduled for May 22nd at Sylvester Powell Community Center in Mission Kansas.
  • The election of the new Officers and Board was verified.
  • The new Officers and Board consists of:
    • President
      • Zahid Awan
    • 1st Vice President – Membership
      • Linda Jacobs
    • 2nd Vice President – Programs
      • Jane Kohl Waggoner
    • 3rd Vice President – Administrative
      • Karen Haber
    • Treasurer
      • Charles Jasper
    • Secretary
      • Larry Hedlund
    • Director Term Expiring 2020
      • Steve Duxbury
      • Tim Urban
      • Nadia Nazir
    • Director Term Expiring 2021
      • Don Fuson
      • Nancy Quitmeier
    • Director Term Expiring 2022
      • Pat Burnett
      • Jerry Raggett
    • Immediate Past President
      • Randy Pace
    • Military Chair/Liaison
      • Sharon Valasek
  • Randy Pace, Past President, turned the meeting over to the newly elected president, Zahid Awan.
  • Mr. Awan gave a brief acceptance speech.
  • Zahid Awan presented the new officers and board to the membership.
  • Lunch was served.
  • Zahid Awan reconvened the meeting and introduced Michael Brettmann, Field Studies Program Manager at U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command. Michael introduced one of the officers from Indonesia who gave a Mini-Know Your World presentation about his country. A brief question and answer period followed.
  • Zahid Awan introduced Michael House, international program coordinator for Park University. Mr. House introduced four student performers. The first performer did a traditional dance from her native China. The second pair of dancers performed a hula dance from Polynesia. The third performer was a student from Russia who played a classical number on the cello.
  • Nancy Quitmeier announced that the next Mini-Know Your World presentation, by Germany and Netherlands, will be at Weatherby Lake on March 3rd. Please RSVP to Nancy.
  • Zahid Awan introduced Jim Malouff. Mr. Malouff discussed the launching of the Navy’s new Independence-class combat ship, USS Kansas City. The commissioning committee is conducting a fund raiser for recreational equipment for the ship’s crew and starting a scholarship program which will be available in the future.
  • Mr. Awan called for any additional business that needed to come before the members and with no more business the meeting was adjourned at 3:30 PM.